Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

This attendance policy applies to all students regardless of payment method.  These standards apply to most programs.  Some programs or portions of programs may have higher standards.  It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of his/her attendance progress which can be done through the student portal in Achademix.
  1. Attendance is checked on the first work day of each month as a minimum.  After a student reaches two (2) days absence, they will receive a written notice of hours missed and the maximum amount of missed hours allowed per module.
  2. If students miss more than the maximum time allowed, they must follow the Attendance Appeals Process.  Failure to follow the appeals process, will result in immediate dismissal.  If dismissed, students are responsible for any charges on his/her account and credentials will be held until all balances are paid. Students must continue to attend during the appeal process.
  3. If a student drops below allowable attendance, funding agencies will be notified including VA, WIOA, BVR and any other providing tuition assistance.

NOTE:  There are no excused absences.  All absences must be made up even if a student appeals for attendance overage.  Students may not miss more than the maximum allowed hours in each module (as noted on the chart below). 

To maintain a status of “good standing” a student must maintain attendance in accordance with the following information:

  • All attendance polices require students to maintain at least the 90% required attendance.  Instructors will maintain the official record, but it is the responsibility of the student to keep track of his/her attendance.
  • Students receiving Title IV Funding (Pell and/or Student Loans) must also comply with Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in order to maintain funding.  Please monitor SAP policy to understand how attendance affects money to be distributed from Title IV.

Reporting Absences

  1. Any student unable to attend class, lab, clinical, or any other scheduled program event must call the Mid-East CTC Adult Education office or instructor prior to class. Failure to do so may result in probationary status.
  2. A student that consecutively misses more than three (3) days of scheduled class, lab, clinical or any other scheduled program even and does not notify the school per policy, on the fourth (4th) absence will be administratively withdrawn from the program of study unless there is proof of mitigating circumstances.

Total Absence Time per module:

This table is provided to let you know when the modules begin and end in your program.  Your attendance (including tardiness) within that quarter cannot exceed the number of hours shown.  If it does, you will be dismissed from the program.


Max Hours

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Applied Construction Technologies


08/28/18 – 10/18/18

10/22/18 – 12/19/1/8

1/7/19 – 2/28/19


Commercial & Residential Electricity






Diploma RN (18)



4/16/18 – 6/27/18


10/8/18 – 12/18/18

Heavy Equipment Operator 19-1




10/24/18 – 12/10/18

12/11/18 – 1/31/19

Heavy Equipment Operator 18-2


1/16//19 – 32/27/19




Multi-Skilled Technician


8/24/18- 11/2/18

11/5/18 -1/24/19

1/25/19 – 3/25/19

3/26/19 – 5/28/19







Practical Nursing


8/15/18 – 10/18/18

10/22/18 – 1/4/19

1/7/19 – 3/14/19

3/18/19 – 5/28/19

Power Lineman




12/3/18 – 2/27/19








*100% attendance is required in this program. Failure to maintain this will result in dismissal.


Tardiness is inexcusable. If the student will be late to class, (includes lunches and breaks) the instructor and the front office should be notified prior to the scheduled class. Time missed for instances of tardiness and/or instances of leaving early will be deducted from the student’s attendance rounded up/down to the next hour.  Four (4) instances of tardiness and/or leaving early in a term will initiate the discipline process unless there is proof of mitigating circumstances.

Example of Recording Tardiness:

  • Class starts at 8:00 am.  Student arrives at 8:20 am.  Student is docked 1 hour of class time. Tardy is recorded at 9:00 am arrival.
  • Class starts at 8:00 am.  Student arrives at 10:15 am.  Student is docked 3 hours of class time. Tardy is recorded as 11:00 am arrival.
  • Class ends at 3:00 pm.  Student leaves early at 2:10 pm.  Student is docked 1 hour of class time.  Time is recorded as leaving at 3:00 pm
  • Class ends at 3:00 pm.  Student leaves early at 1:15 pm.  Student is docked 2 hours of class time.  Time out is recorded at 1:00 pm

At this point, the discipline process will be initiated based on the Student Code of Conduct in this Handbook. 

Health Occupations and Public Safety program students are to refer to the specific program addendums for how a tardy is recorded.

Attendance Appeal Process

When a student has reached the maximum number of days allowed in a module (in the program listed in the attendance policy), they must file an appeal to remain in the program providing there are no other reasons for the dismissal. Student should continue to attend class and this time is counted toward time attended for financial aid purposes.

These are the allowable absences that a student can file an appeal.  At least 50% of a student’s absences must be in these categories in order to win an appeal. 

  1. Student or immediate family* doctor/dentist/counselor appointments.  Any type of appointment is discouraged during school hours.  All appointments should be scheduled for a time that will not conflict with school yours or on days when Mid-East is not in session.
  2. Student or immediate family* illness requiring a doctor excuse.
  3. Death in immediate family* including in-law and step-relative.
  4. Subpoena to appear in court or jury duty.
  5. Quarantine of home.

Other absences may qualify through Adult Education Director’s discretion.

*Immediate Family is defined as:  parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren or anyone who clearly stands in the same relationship position of these people (for example, step or foster parent).

All of the above must have written verification and must be turned into the Student Services Office within (3) business days of dismissal notice.  

Student will be required to complete an official Appeal Process form.  This can be obtained from the Adult Education office or downloaded from the Adult Education section of the website. On this form, the student must:

  1. Describe in detail any undue hardship or circumstance, which may have cause failure to maintain attendance.  All of the documentation should be in the student file in the main office if it was turned in as required.
  2. The student must also indicate what has changed that will allow the student to meet the standards of progress from this point forward. 

A review board (consisting of the Adult Director, Student Services Coordinator and Program Coordinator) will be convened to consider the appeal.  Appeals will be reviewed on an individual basis.  Students will be notified in writing as soon as a decision is made, no later than 3 days. Students need to continue attending classes during the appeal process. Students may only appeal one time during their current program.  Additional appeals are up to Director’s discretion.

Make-Up Policy: 

It is the responsibility of the student to check with his/her instructor(s) regarding all make-up work immediately upon return from an appeal. The faculty will make arrangements for any make-up time. It is imperative you attend your assigned class to avoid these charges. 

Make-up hours must be signed off by the Instructor or designated Adult Education Staff.  Instructors may also assign make-up work to be completed at alternate times or locations.  Such time must be supervised by Adult Education staff and approved by the program coordinator or director.


=         Paramedic students are not allowed to appeal as stated in their addendum.

=         Any returning student who was dismissed because of attendance will NOT be able to appeal in the module they are repeating.  For example, if a student was dismissed in the 2nd module in the PN program and came back and repeated that module the next year, they would not be allowed to appeal attendance issues in that repeated module.

 Appeal Form 

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