Adult Education Staff

Adult Education Staff

Main Office Staff

Administrator:  Connie Shriver
Administrative Assistant - Belinda Johnson
Administrative Assistant - Shannon DiVincenzo 

Skilled Trades Coordinator - Andy West
Financial Aid Coordinator - Thasia Schilling (for the 21-22 school year and beyond)
Financial Services Coordinator - Jackie Allen
Student Services Coordinator - Deanna Lear
Test Center Proctor (Lead) - Sondra Paazig 

Health Occupations Staff

 Coordinator - Cathy Learn
Administrative Assistant - Sara Robison
Instructor - Deb Hall
Instructor - Erica Houk 
Instructor - Amy Palmer 
Instructor - Angie Penrod
Instructor - Stacy Petry
Instructor - Pat Tincher

Public Safety Staff

Coordinator - Mark Doerlfer
Fire Coordinator - Les George
Paramedic Instructor - Gary Green 

Trades Staff

Skilled Trades Coordinator - Andy West

Skilled Trades Program Instructors
Commercial & Residential Electricity Instructor - Brad Mack
Heavy Equipment Operator Instructor - Amy Swingle
Power Lineman Instructor - Jim Warren
Welding Instructor - Andy Butcher
Truck Driver Training 
Manager/Instructor - Shawn Dansby
Instructor - Jimmy Kern 

Center for Training Excellence Staff

Coordinator - Larry Wilson

Instructor -  Andy Butcher

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