GED® test subjects

The four subjects tested on the GED® are Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA), Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies.

Ohio GED® scoring requirements

=        The passing score for high school equivalence is 145, for all test subjects.*

=        The new “GED® College Ready” performance level (score of 165-174) signifies readiness to enter credit-bearing college courses.

=        The new “GED® College Ready + Credit” level (score of 175-200) signifies that a student qualifies for up to ten hours of college credit.

=        The GED® test continues to measure the problem solving and critical thinking skills valued by employers and necessary for adults to succeed in the workplace and career or college programs:

=        Below Passing: 100 – 144

=        Passing Score: 145 – 164

=        Passing Score (GED College Ready): 165 - 174

=        Passing Score (GED College Ready + Credit): 175 – 200

GED® Fees

The cost of the GED® test is $120.  Voucher codes are available by contacting the Career and Academic Readiness Education office at 740.454.7242.


Test takers: must be a resident of Ohio. Only first time test takers are eligible for a voucher code.


To prepare for the GED exams, contact the Career and Academic Readiness Education office at Mid-East Career & Technology Centers by calling 740.454.7242 or 800.350.1242.

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