HiSET Test subjects

The five subjects tested on the HiSET are Reading, Writing (with essay), Math (calc. optional; whole test), Science, and Social Studies.

HiSET Scores

Min score of 0
Max score of 20
Passing score of 8 in each section
(Must also get a 2 out of 6 on the essay piece in Writing)
45 total points required to pass

HiSET Fees
Computer-delivered tests:
 $18.75 per subtest ($93.75 total cost)
Paper-delivered tests: $23.00 per subtest ($115.00 total cost)

Test takers: must be a resident of Ohio. Only first time test takers are eligible for a voucher code. Voucher codes are available by contacting Career and Academic Readiness Education office at 740.454.7242.


To prepare for the HiSET exams, contact the Career and Academic Readiness Education office at Mid-East Career & Technology Centers by calling 740.454.7242 or 800.350.1242

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